Portable Computer Lab Sign Up

The portable computer lab is available zero through sixth hour. You must sign up at least 1 week before the day you need it.

Procedures for Reserving the Lab:

1. View available dates/times by clicking below

2. When you've found an open date/class period, e-mail with the request. Be sure to include date and class period. After that please verify the site a few days later to check if it is set up correctly.

The lab will be delivered to your class. We ask of each teacher that uses the Labs that they check out computers to each user and keep a log. This log is used to keep track of damage.

3. Currently we have both the red lab with 31 computers and the yellow lab with 30 avalible.

4. Lab Dates will be put into the computer on Friday morning - changes might not appear untill the afternoon.

5. Labs can not be used by substitutes. With the exception of Mike Fike (who works here full time). Large amounts of damage have occured when subs were allowed to use the labs.


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